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Transparent Node Participation System
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About GKOD Project

The Dynamic Value Equilibrium of GKOD is a system where the voluntary movements of GKOD users, driven by the pursuit of benefits, naturally sustain the value of GKOD.

By supplying liquidity to the Defi designated by the foundation, GKOD is mined in proportion to the supplied liquidity at a 1:1 ratio.

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Node Participant Benefits

GKOD nodes are broadly categorized into three types: DAO NODE, ADVANCED NODE, and FUNDAMENTAL NODE.

DAO NODE aligns company growth and node expansion by sharing a significant portion of profits generated from the foundation's management results and the activation of GKOD.

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Token Sale Proceeds

GKOD issued for reward compensation and ecosystem maintenance pool is determined daily by a formula, with an initial issuance of 569,440 on the first day. Calculating the issuance until the first halving period of 730 days results in a total of 300 million GKOD.

  • 20% (200Million GKOD)
    Ecosystem Management

  • 40% (400Million GKOD)
    Node Expansion Reward Pool

  • 40% (400Million GKOD)
    GKOD Holder Pool

  • Total Token Supply


Our token roadmap is designed to advance the project transparently and strategically.
Here are the key stages we will be moving forward with.


Step 01

• Platform Development
• Business Launch
• Global Exchange Listing
• GKOD Network Configuration
• Various SNS Community Configuration
• GKOD Holder 10,000 +


Step 02

• Business Partnership
• Community Expanding Participation (30,000+)
• Additional CEX Listing & 30,000+ holders
• GKOD Community Management
• Formation GKOD Ecosystem Group
• Announcement and operation of platform network activation direction


Step 03

• T1 CEX Listing (120,000 + holders)
• GKOD Community Academy
• GKOD Network SNS
• Platform Network 100+

GKOD provides app services

Store your assets securely on your mobile phone and experience GKOD's unique node system. We have pioneered innovative business practices to activate the blockchain node!

  • Experience compatibility with various devices

    Try the GKOD App on all devices.

  • Blockchain Wallet Functionality

    Securely store your assets by purchasing GKOD Tokens.

  • Transparent Blockchain Node System

    Experience a transparent blockchain system through a dedicated mainnet network.


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GKOD provides a whitepaper exploring secure blockchain technology. Effectively manage digital assets with node systems and secure asset storage. GKOD leads blockchain node activation through innovative business.

Experience blockchain on all devices through GKOD's exclusive app service. GKOD is shaping the future of blockchain technology with a focus on security and innovation.

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